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Updated 5-4-2019
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The following MUJITSU Shakuhachi by Ken LaCosse are in stock and available for purchase. Feel free to contact me with any questions. I have a number of shakuhachi going in the shop constantly. Many are sold before they make it to this page. If you don't find what you are looking for here I might be working on it now! You can contact me here.

The flutes on this page are the finest that I have available. They are made from Japanese Madake culms of some of the highest quality obtainable. Although each flute has a distinct tonal personality, the overall tonal quality that characterizes Mujitsu Jinashi Shakuhachi is a glowing, fluid playability. The Taimu Shakuhachi are characterized by their breathy, penetrating glow. All flutes are meticulously and patiently adjusted until they are ready to be included here.

The black or dark flutes which are occasionally included here are fashioned after some of the finer vintage Komuso flutes I've had the opportunity to play and study. The Komuso monks often painted the outside of their flutes with urushi, presumably to protect them from the elements. The black urushi surface is soft and velvety yet extremely durable.

Also, check out other shakuhachi for lower priced flutes.

Auditioning Shakuhachi
The Mujitsu Shakuhachi Flutes below can be auditioned under the following terms:

I ask for full payment in advance of shipment (money orders, cashiers checks and PayPal orders only please) Upon receipt of payment, I'll ship the flute by USPS Mail. A full refund (minus shipping expense and Paypal fees - if any) will be given if you decide to return the flute (insured) in its original condition when received. Please let me know within two days upon receipt if you wish to purchase or return the flute.

This auditioning policy does not apply to custom orders or shakuhachi with special requests. These sales are final. 

Ken LaCosse

Shakuhachi in stock

Flute Bags by Susanne Frey
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Utaguchi Caps
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Mu Shakuhachi
Taimu without the holes


MU Shakuhachi are long, extra wide shakuhachi without holes! Made from the same bamboo as Taimu Shakuhachi, these flutes are made for low, breathy, meditative RO blowing and harmonics. MU Shakuhachi are made to order and range in length from approximately 85cm. to 110cm. Diameters range from approximately 5.5cm to 6.5cm.  MU Shakuhachi are available in two styles - Natural Bore and Urushi Bore/Urushi Stained Roots.

$275 - Natural Bore
$375 - Urushi bore and urushi stained roots.


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Mujitsu / Taimu T Shirts 100% cotton. Free shipping. 

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Taimu Fingering Charts

3 Taimu. 2.9, 2.95, 3.13.
Made together as a group. Relatively long flutes so pipers grip is recommended. Angled, offset, oval holes for right hand bottom playing.


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2.95  Middle

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3.13  Bottom

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Taimu 2.55  G
Dense, thick walled club. Four 'Tiger Claws.' Big, flexible, elephant foghorn tone. One of the best of the lot.

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Listen to this Taimu

Madake 1.6
Refurbished / Finsished, two-piece jinashi. This piece came to the shop in mid construction. Some bore adjustments and urushi finish work were done in the shop. Clear, clean, easy player. Urushi inside and out.
$500 (Plus shipping) Please contact me for shipping charge and I will send you a paypal invoice.

Taimu 2.44  G#/A
Smooth, flexible, glowing foghorn tone. Slightly offset, angled holes. Can be played with fingertips or pipers grip.

Listen to this Taimu

Taimu Shakuhachi for 2019
Taimu Shakuhachi stock is in. Measured and ready to be made into new Taimu. It's a great batch this year.  Excellent node spacing, thick walled and dense. These are real solid clubs. Sizes and notes on each piece are found below. To commission a particular piece or size please contact me. Prices for Taimu are typically $2,000 up to $3,000.

Two-piece 1.8 Mujitsu Jimori   $1,500
This piece arrived at the shop in the first stages of construction. Originally intended as a jiari shakuhachi. Instead of coating the entire bore with ji paste, I spot toned it at strategic areas in the bore. Full, smooth volume, well balanced. Weight:  330 gr.  Pitch: D @ 436. ID @ blowing end: 2.1 cm. OD@ blowing end: 3.6 cm. OD at root: 5 cm. Repaired surface crack above nakasuke.  

Free shipping worldwide!

Group of three Mujitsu shakuhachi made together

#2  Mujitsu 1.825  C#  $1,500
Slightly more focused tone. 45 year old Japanese madake bamboo.

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#3  Mujitsu 1.94  C  $1,500
Balance of warmth and focus. Good volume. 45 year old Japanese madake bamboo.

Free shipping worldwide!

#4  Mujitsu 1.825  C/C#  $1,500
Slightly thinner bore. More focused tone. 45 year old Japanese madake bamboo.

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1.4 Mujitsu in F.
A very sweet player in a difficult, small size to make. 45 year old Japanese madake bamboo. Red urushi bore.

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1.9 Mujitsu C/C# (Top left).
45 year old Japanese madake bamboo.

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1.64 Mujitsu D#.
45 year old Japanese madake bamboo.

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Taimu 2.475  G#  
(posted 3-4-17) Inline, angled, oval holes for right hand bottom playing. 14mm holes. 4.8cm diameter at blowing end. 6.5cm diameter at rootend. Repaired crack. Fully functional. (Discounted)
Free shipping worldwide!

See and hear this 2.475

Mujitsu 1.65  D# A wider bore Mujitsu shakuhachi made from 40+ year old Japanese madake. Open, airy, resonant tone. Outside diameter at blowing edge - 3.85cm. Inside - 2.2.

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Taimu 2.48, G#  

75c length. 7c diameter at root. 4.6c diameter at blowing end. Holes are inline oval. 13.5mm x 12.5mm. Slightly oval, flattened face for comfortable playing. Elegant, upturned and flared rootend. A very nice, aesthic piece with excellent resonance. Repaired crack. Fully funcitonal. (Reduced price from $2,500)

Free shipping worldwide!
Here and see this 2.48


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