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Welcome to the Mujitsu Shakuhachi web site. Here you'll find shakuhachi flutes made by Ken LaCosse of San Francisco, California.    

Mujitsu Shakuhachi are played by students, teachers and professional musicians throughout the world. These shakuhachi are made using a hand adjusted bore technique. With this method, the natural shape of the bore of the flute is used as much as possible, adjusting only where necessary. To familiarize yourself with the Mujitsu method, please read the flutemaking approach section. There is also a page of photographs and descriptions of shakuhachi in stock which changes periodically, so be sure to return for the latest update.

Updated: 5-44-2019 -  3 New 2019 Long Taimu. 2.9, 2.95, 3.13


Free shipping for many shakuhachi worldwide!

Taimu Shakuhachi videos, notation, holding, covering holes and instruction here.

Free Online Demo Lesson with Cornelius Shinzen Boots with purchase of any bamboo shakuhachi, Taimu or MU from Mujitsu Shakuhachi. Details here

ZenTube Shakuhachi - Three peice, four keys in one shakuhachi.
Ideal for travel. Easily pack four deep, bass shakuhachi in a suitcase. Virtually indestructable. Details here


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