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“I have witnessed him explore the roots of shakuhachi with thoroughness and detail. His personality is engaging and friendly, showing eagerness to provide help to others while instilling confidence through patient instruction.”

-Shakuhachi Grandmaster Michael Chikuzen Gould

Free Online Demo Lesson
(with purchase of Mujitsu/Taimu Bamboo Shakuhachi)

I'm pleased to announce an alliance with Shinzen Shakuhachi and Cornelius Boots. We share an approach to bamboo and shakuhachi that combines humor, depth and reverence, as well as a non-dogmatic exploration of core Zen shakuhachi fundamentals: breath awareness, conscious emptiness, impermanence and no-self---becoming vast and humble.

- Ken LaCosse

From Cornelius Shinzen Boots

Congratulations! I too have enjoyed playing Ken LaCosse’s flutes for fun as well as professionally since 2001. I am pleased to extend this invitation to you: get started right away experiencing your new flute to the fullest with a free, one hour, online introductory consultation. (Skype account, webcam and mic required.)

No matter where you are in your musical career—as a hobbyist or professional—orientation to bamboo flutes by a seasoned player and enthusiast will set you on the right course immediately. Having instructed beginning, intermediate and advanced players of wind instruments since 1996, I blend traditional and outside-the-box approaches to fit your musical aspirations.

As a career woodwind musician, composer and performer, breath is central to both my practice and teaching focus. The experience of playing bamboo flutes can greatly aid in overall breath awareness and as a meditation in itself: part of the history of Zen shakuhachi.

For questions and to schedule:
(510) 295-7040
Skype ID: corneliusboots

Cornelius Shinzen Boots is a San Francisco Bay Area composer, performer and instructor specializing in single-reeds and flutes. He has music degrees
from Indiana University (BM Clarinet Performance, BS Audio Recording, MM Jazz Studies), and is the first student of Grandmaster Michael Chikuzen Gould to have earned a Shihan (master teaching license) and was given the shakuhachi name
深 禅 "Shinzen" (depth Zen or deep Zen). In addition to teaching, Cornelius has recorded and written, in shakuhachi calligraphic notation, a series of 27 etudes (mukyoku) for Taimu shakuhachi. He plays all types of flutes, but specializes in jinashi and large-bore shakuhachi.

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